Education Fair

'Eduts Global' undertakes educations fairs at various locations (Dhaka, Chittagong & Sylhet) throughout the year. This event hosts representatives of our partner institutions who meet hundreds of prospective students. Students attending the fairs are previously counseled by 'Eduts Global' counselors and hence are well prepared to meet the institutional representatives.

We have a committed marketing team that organises the education fairs. All arrangements such as accommodation, travel and transfers are organised by 'Eduts Global'. We ensure all our institutional participants are given the best possible service during these fairs.

Admission Processing

'Eduts Global' can assist institutions to process student applications, generate offer letters and other associated services. Â This could mean substantial cost savings for institutions.

We have well qualified and highly trained staff and a strong IT support to undertake processing work for institutions. Â We have the infrastructure to operate 24×7 thus ensuring fast turn-around time and round the clock support to prospective students and institutions leading to higher conversion rates.

Student Recruitment

'Eduts Global' has been recruiting students for the past 16 years. We have recruited in excess of 30,000 students to various institutions in Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia and parts of Europe. Today we are one of the largest international student recruitment companies in South Asia.

All our counselors are well trained and competent to recruit for multiple destinations and institutions.

Institutions can expect a highly professional representation through our network.

Publishing Services

'Eduts Global' can assist institutions with designing, manufacturing, printing and distributions of promotional materials, brochures and marketing banners.

This can deliver substantial cost savings for institutions as we can source these from low cost destinations such as India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the Philippines. Â We guarantee that the quality of the materials we source will meet the highest world standards and quality.

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