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Eduts Global counselors are trained in counseling students for multiple destinations and at all levels of education. Eduts Global is one of the few agencies that sends it’s counselors overseas to be trained within institutions on programs, student experiences and lifestyle on campus.

A large number of our counselors and managers have a teaching background and therefore have an in-depth understanding of student needs and career aspirations. A number of our counselors and their family members have been educated overseas which helps them guide students through their personal experiences.

Eduts Global counselors have expertise to offer you Admission counseling in – school level programs, diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level programs.

Our counselors will advise you on Visa requirements and help you in every step till you get your visa.

The following are the counseling protocols within Eduts Global that every counselor must undertake;
Provide genuine unbiased counseling to students in terms of destination, institutions and the program of study.
Respect towards students and their parents regardless of their backgrounds.
The counselor must provide information to the students on all facets of the program, lifestyle, costs and all associated current and relevant information.
Counselor must provide a customer survey form after their counseling session.
Counselors must provide the students the information on complaints procedure (available on the website) if requested.
ounselors must provide daily report to the Area Manager on counseled students.


Eduts Global counselors help students in admission process by advising them of required documentation and assisting them with the necessary application forms and evidences. Eduts Global counselors work closely with admission staff at institutions and help resolve unusual queries for our students.

We also help students in gaining credits for their prior equivalent educational qualifications. Students applying through Eduts Global can also avail application fee waiver and get spot admission offers*.

Through its continued commitment and diligence, Eduts Global has helped scores of students to select career oriented courses and move ahead on their way to success.

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